I’ll be honest: This isn’t the only corner of the web I inhabit.

Currently, however, it’s the only place where I feel comfortable talking about everything going on in my life without a filter.

I’m usually stuck between a rock and a hard place in most of my relationships: I don’t believe my presence matters all that much, but I’m resentful when people don’t give me enough space. I don’t like interrupting others or raising my voice to make myself heard, but I hate it when I’m steamrolled out of a conversation. I disagree with people more often than I let on, but I’m open-minded to the point of heresy in the eyes of many of my loved ones.

This blog is a place where I’m practicing how to fight my way free of the silence these contradictions have trapped me in. It’s a slow and painful process, but I mean to be awake to every hard-won step of it – to stay mindful (medesthai) in order to (óste na) heal (mederi) and undo the spell I’ve placed on myself.

Because the silence applies to my writing, too. It’s created a chokehold on my creative impulse – the thing my heart most longs to use to give back to the world.

If you’re here, it’s either because you randomly stumbled upon this URL or I trusted you enough to give it to you.

Either way: Thanks for listening.